Camp Stevens partners with several religious and non-profit organizations. Some of our major partners include:

The Episcopal Dioceses of Los Angeles & San Diego

Camp Stevens, at its current location, was founded in 1952 by two priests living in the San Diego area of the then Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. Still owned by the Los Angeles diocese, Camp Stevens is now geographically in the Diocese of San Diego (which extends to Yuma, Arizona) and serves both dioceses and the entire region of Southern California and beyond. The Diocese of San Diego was created separately from Los Angeles in 1974. The Bishop Diocesan of Los Angeles is directly responsible for the camp and the Advisory Board by-laws require seats for clergy and laity of both Dioceses, as well as for those outside the church.

Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers

Camp Stevens is a member of the nationwide network of 100+ summer camps, retreat centers, and conference centers affiliated with the Episcopal Church.

American Camp Association

Camp Stevens is accredited by the American Camp Association, which assures our programs, facilities, and policies meet a national standard for quality, health, and safety.

San Diego State University

Camp Stevens operates two challenge courses, built and managed in partnership with SDSU’s Aztec Adventures.

Volcan Mountain Foundation

From many spots at Camp Stevens, you can see Volcan Mountain, a 5,000 foot mountain that is one of the last privately-owned and relatively untouched areas of Southern California. Campers and guests have the chance to hike this beautiful piece of land, which offers views extending over the Anza-Borrego Desert and out to the Pacific Ocean sixty miles away.

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