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Honoring John Horton


John Horton’s 41 years of service and inspiration at Camp Stevens has impacted hundreds of lives – perhaps even thousands.

His passion for personal growth, his easy-going demeanor, and his detail-oriented work ethic make him an approachable teacher and a dependable friend and mentor.  As he retires this year, please consider joining us in celebrating John by contributing to the Meeting Room honoring him in the Bergstrom Lodge, funded by Camp Stevens Staff and Counselor Alumni.


The goal is to raise $100,000 for this effort; as of November 15, we have received $53,789+ in gifts and pledges.
Click here to read more about this fundraiser, or you can contribute today at

 Thank you to the following donors, who have contributed to the John Horton Meeting Room:

Amanda Gladics
Amanda Nelson
Ashley & Troy Gregory
Beth & Mitchell Bojarski
Bethany Testa- Avila
Bill & Stephanie Robinette
Bill Cook & Terry Farrelly
Brendan Galipeau
Brooke Hieserich
Carla Sargent
Celia & Melina Simonds
Cheryl & Jim Fylpaa
Chris Bailey
Christina Healy
Coenraad & Courtney Rogmans
Cory & Susi Jones
Csilla Jaray-Benn & Andrew Benn
Delaney Widyolar
Dorothee & Markus Meier-Bolli
Doug Overlock
Duncan & Kathy Agnew
Edward Belden
Emily Holdrege MacDougall
Emma Hilliard
Eva LaBonty & Greg Clensy
Greg & Nancy Larkin
Hannah & Kathy Wilder
Heather Wilcox
Ingrid Wildemann-Dominguez
Irene & Christoph Maass-Jonuschat
Jacob & Suzanne Schaffner
Jakob, Heidi, & Jan Schneider
James Ingalsbe
Jane & Paul Krikorian
Jane Johnson
Jared & Nadia Hughes
Jean Cook
Jenne Bergstrom
Jim Marlow & Laura Sargent
Joanne Wilson
Joe & Becca McCormick
Joy Healy & Raymond Marker
Kara & Kevin Lakes
Kara Anne Casey
Kelli Grace & Mark Kurtz
Kristen & David Caven
Larry & Pat Sawyer
Laura & Rachel Hiesener
Leonard Farine
Lora & Mike Allison
Margaret Reed
Mary West
Masahiko & Deirdre Ikeda
Matt & Anna Einstein Lindeman
Meredith Graham & Jason Kiefer
Michael & Debbie Bamberger
Michael & Kelly Carr
Michelle McFarlane
Nancy & Barry Gleason
Nancy Adams
Natalie Hershberger
Paul & Connie Gach
Peter & Vicki Bergstrom
Peter Stewart
Robert Nelson
Robin McCormick
Roger McCormick
Ryan Wanamaker
Samantha Borkovic
Sarah Preteska
Scott & Catherine Bland
Scott & Roxanne Rhoades
Shirley Asmussen
Stephen & Connie Ellis
Susan Morse
Susie Rennels
Suzanne Petersen
Suzy & Steve Vissers
Taylor Martine Stewart
Thomas Drivas
Trevor & Ashley Graham-Wilcox