Wish List

Camp Stevens Wishlist

Camp Stevens is in need of the following items, or funds to procure them. These items – random though they may seem – each serve an important purpose in enabling us to carry out program, serve our guests, keep camp running, and recruit more program attendees.

Can you help? To give a specific item, consider buying through GoodShop, which donates a portion of the money spent online shopping to Camp Stevens. Or, give through our Amazon Wishlist.

  • Stamps: We send a lot of mail! Forever stamps are always appreciated.
  • Red & Green Washcloths: We use these to clean the tables in the Dining Hall. (The colors correspond to the green wash and red sanitize buckets.)
  • Canning jars ($100): We sometimes have more produce coming in from the gardens than we can use when it’s fresh. We love to can some of this produce to make jams, jellies, hot sauces, tomato sauce and more.
  • Box fans ($35): Because of the temperate weather in Julian, we don’t have air conditioning in our lodges. Box fans help keep our retreat center guests cool in the lodges down on particularly warm days.
  • Easel paper ($100) & Sharpie markers ($10): Brainstorming and the creative process is an incredibly important part of our Counselor Training program. And that requires a good amount of easel paper! Retreat center guests also use easel paper to plan, set goals, and reflect during their time at Camp Stevens. (Don’t worry, the paper always gets recycled, or used as tinder afterward.)
  • Small flat screen television ($150) and Noise-cancelling headphones ($50) : Have you seen the new Camp Stevens videos? We’d love to be able to show them when we have Camp Stevens displays at fairs, festivals and Diocesan Convention.
  • Archery equipment ($300): One of our most popular summertime activities, each year we spend about $300 on archery equipment, including arrows, replacement fletches, bows, targets, and safety gear.
  • Grain mill ($1,000)
  • Used hatchback or minivan ($5,000): Our maintenance team, Ben and Laban,works tirelessly to keep our facilities and property (all 256 acres of it!) operating efficiently. Right now, Ben uses his personal truck to do many projects. A used hatchback or minivan with weather-resistant storage capability, or a contribution toward purchasing one, will help us keep our many projects on track.
  • Technology upgrade ($5,000): Help us update our technology infrastructure in the office! Your contribution will help us upgrade our internet, computers, and printers to be more productive and efficient. Contact us to contribute.

To donate a used item, or a cash contribution to help us purchase an item, please contact:

Beth Bojarski, Executive Director
P.O. Box 2320
Julian, CA 92036

We truly appreciate your support!