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Food Philosophy

Our Food Philosophy

Summer15 (49)At Camp Stevens, we take great care to prepare tasty, nutritious meals for our guests and staff, carrying our respect for the Earth from our gardens to the kitchen and onto the table. We prefer to sit down together, family-style, to celebrate the bounty and to enjoy and promote a community atmosphere. From how we grow produce, to the types of food we serve, to the family-style way in which we eat, at Camp Stevens we strive to use food as a way of connecting to one another, and to the Earth.



The Camp Stevens Food Philosophy strives to find delicious, creative, and satisfying ways to meet guests’ expectations and dietary needs, while providing food that is:

  • Unprocessed: It’s food your grandparents would recognize!
  • Seasonal and Local, and from our own 3+ acres of organic gardens as often as possible
  • Plant-Based: We serve meat, but focus on highlighting the complete proteins available from plants
  • Organic: We use ingredients that weren’t grown with the assistance of synthetic chemicals

Healthy Meals

Healthy, delicious meals are skillfully prepared and served family-style in our Dining Hall. Meals feature fresh baked breads, organically grown fruits and vegetables, and free-range, hormone-free poultry. Vegetarian and vegan options are always available and other special dietary needs can be accommodated with advance notice.

View a Sample Menu:  Retreat Center | Summer Camp


We look forward to sharing a meal with you!