Our Staff

Our staff is a dynamic collection of people from around the globe, living and learning to do our part to make the world a better place. Through the guidance of our mission we aspire to be thoughtful stewards of the camp and warmly welcome all the people we serve. We invite you to get to know our community.

Year Round & Support Staff

Beth Bojarski
Executive Director
A northeast transplant to California, Beth's formative summer camp experiences were spent in the wilds of the Adirondacks paddling and backpacking. Beth is passionate about teaching and promoting outdoor education, sustainability, and environmental theology and has experience at outdoor centers, academic institutions, and within the Episcopal Church. Mitch, Beth’s husband, is an Episcopal priest. A knitter, jogger, avid coffee drinker, and lover of sequoia trees, these days Beth’s most favorite thing is adventuring with her boys: Eliot (8) and James (2).
Olivia Goza
Assistant Summer Camp Director
Olivia has found adventure at Camp Stevens over the past five years on the trails, by the pool, at the ropes course, and in the office. This time she's excited about sharing her passion of summer programming with the staff, counselors, and campers. She's looking forward to new and familiar faces, picking apricots, and having dirty toes. During her free time Olivia can be found planning road-trips, fabricating a joke, visiting the pigs, or working on her watch tan. She also likes lists.
Lia Hardy
Farm & Garden Assistant
Lia "Curly-Bear" Hardy is a tried and true mountain gal. Here at Camp Stevens, she plays with dirt (especially in her fingers and toes), and makes the greens grow from the earth. In her spare time, she can be found jetpacking her way through the PCT, working out through the new sensation of "sleeping yoga," or enjoying a nice cup of peppermint tea.
Marissa Heaney
Summer Kitchen Assistant
Anna Huemmer
Maintenance Specialist
As a native San Diegan, Anna is beyond stoked to live in the mountains where she's just a hop, skip, and jump from the desert on one side or a quick dip in the ocean on the other. When she's not "working," Anna likes to spend time hanging out with her friends and family, moving around, and making things better. Having spent three weeks this spring rafting the Colorado River (at the bottom of the Grand Canyon!), Anna is now excited to live in a hobbit hut at Camp Stevens, wash dishes amped by great music, and build beautiful things around camp.
Joe Kiefer
Program Director
Joe’s ready to start his fifth season at Camp Stevens, where you might find him directing programs, facilitating a ropes course, or dreaming big about the future of camp. If he’s not working, he’s probably riding a bicycle, rock climbing, or drinking coffee. Maybe even doing all three at once. Nothing’s impossible, right?
Jessica Lellie
Kitchen Assistant
Jessica has spent her time in the kitchen creatively, mixing savory foods with sweet desserts to create crazy culinary concoctions. Her favorite animal is the dolphin, but only if it can paint with a paintbrush in its mouth. She likes to take photographs while hanging upside in trees, but only on even days. She collects napkins with funny pictures or sayings on them.
Lauren Mankey
Though originally from New Jersey, Lauren has found her heart belongs to the West Coast and is super excited to be a part of the Camp Stevens community. She loves to travel and hopes to finish visiting all fifty states soon (current count: thirty-two). Lauren also enjoys drinking coffee, running, and identifying interesting plants; she will never say no if you ask her to go dancing or to a movie theater. For her last birthday, she received a harmonica, so watch out.
Daniel Owen
Marketing Intern
Daniel finds joy and wonder every day at Camp Stevens. From his first stint here as an AmeriCorps member in 2015, he knew there was something neat about camp - so he became a Winter Staff Member. It's summer now, and Daniel is stoked to be the Marketing Intern! Aside from loving his job, he enjoys early morning jogs, the art of bonsai, watching Parks & Rec, discussing politics, and eating chicken Caesar salad.
Tonie Quigley
Retreat Center & Hospitality Manager
Tonie comes to Camp Stevens from the far north of the state as a native Californian. Having lived in Sonoma County for over 30 years years, and intrigued with the high desert area, Camp Stevens offered her the opportunity to work and live in just that climate. With almost ten years in the camping industry, and many more in the financial arena her experience and skill set were just what was needed in the role of Guest Retreat Manager. Her desire to serve guests from start to finish, and to assure that they have an unforgettable experience at camp settles well with the mission of Camp Stevens. In her spare time, Tonie likes to spend time exploring the new area that she is living in with her dog Shadow, running trails, practicing yoga, swimming, reading, sewing, and gardening.
Ian Schimmelfennig
Farm & Garden Director
With a background in music, art, and agriculture, Ian enjoys sharing the joys of creativity, cooking, and community with youth and adults. When he’s not at Camp Stevens he enjoys the ocean and things near it.
Sierra Schneider
Administration Director
Sierra found her way back to Camp Stevens this Fall 2016 after having been a winter staff in 1998-1999. Since then, she has worked in camps and outdoor education programs in several places around the country. Most recently she ran the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) at UC Santa Cruz. She is thrilled to be back at Camp Stevens, investing her energy in a place she believes in deeply. When not in the office at Camp, she enjoys contemplative walks in nature, painting, cooking and baking, and doing silly things with her mother who was brave enough to join in this adventure.
Emma Simons-Araya
Summer Support Coordinator
Emma has been a camper, counselor, and summer staff member - and this year: support coordinator! This summer you can catch her cleaning and maintaining the trails, doing dishes, taking out the compost, and lots of other things that make adventures at Camp Stevens possible. Emma can also be found at Community Gathering with her guitar (favorite song - punk Puff the Magic Dragon). Oi! Oi! Oi!
Laban Wenger
Maintenance & Facilities Director
Laban comes to Camp Stevens excited to be around some good folks. He grew up at a small summer camp in Pennsylvania, and is passionate about the excitement and safety a camp environment can offer. Sitting very still and moving around make sense to Laban, and he’s working on figuring out his relationship with all that stuff in between. His favorite thing is getting really excited, and he’s really excited by music, food, and games. If you want to toss a frisbee around, feel free to find him. In an attempt to portray himself as accurately as possible, Laban took the accompanying photo in between writing this sentence and the one preceding it.
Laurie Wesp
Food Service Director
Laurie returned to the Camp Stevens kitchen in the Fall of 2015, after spending some years at camps in Washington state and Lake Tahoe. She particularly loves baking and incorporating the bounty from the farm and garden into daily meals. In her free time, Laurie enjoys catching up with her four sisters, running, yoga, and spontaneous adventures. Laurie and her husband, Keith (a Camp Stevens alumni) were married in the camp chapel in June 2017!

Summer Program Staff


Otto Allen
Resident Summer Staff
Bailey Anderson
Resident Summer Staff
Bailey is from Riverside, CA, and has been coming to Camp Stevens since she was 8 years old! She is super excited about exploring all summer long.
Aidan Braito
Resident Summer Staff
Aidan has been around camp for the last three summers and is taking a break from university to join Camp Stevens again this summer. You'll find him, a frequenter of the coffee machine, either under the shade of a tree, climbing a rock, or playing his guitar. Aidan's goal this summer is to provide campers a sense of adventure and accomplishment by the end of their stay.
Noah Browning
Resident Summer Staff
Noah has recently graduated from the University of Portland. After the summer, he is moving to Baltimore to join the Episcopal Service Corps. He is really excited to be here for another summer and enjoy the camp spirit!
Maxine Calle
Farm & Garden Program Assistant
Maxine, although a native to San Diego, has only gone surfing once. She really enjoys films and thinks her sense of humor is pretty okay. Other favorite pastimes include aerial acrobatics, improv theater of questionable quality, anything music-related, and saying "Wow look at the moon". At the time she wrote this, the last thing she read was a collection of Jim Morrison's poetry. She is very excited for this summer, and cannot wait to meet interesting people and interesting plants.
Jean Cook
Resident Summer Staff
Jean was born in China, adopted and grew up in Coronado, CA. She has lived there ever since. Jean has just finished her second year of college at Oregon State University. She has joined the Women's Rowing team as a coxswain and is a member of Sigma Kappa sorority. Jean enjoys going on hikes and being around friends. She was a camper and a counselor at Camp Stevens previously, and is stoked to be part of summer staff for her second summer.
Joey Courtney
Resident Summer Staff
Born and raised in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, Joey comes to Camp Stevens fresh after completing his middler year at seminary in Berkeley, California. Before seminary, Joey lived in Los Angeles for four years where he served in the Episcopal Urban Intern Program and worked with youth experiencing homelessness. A lifelong adventurer, Joey loves to be outdoors hiking and backpacking. He is excited to be on staff for the first time this summer, to make new friends, and to build lasting relationships.
Diego Durand
Wilderness Trip Leader
Diego, a desert dweller, spent his formative years hiking in the Cascade Range in the Pacific Northwest and climbing in the Mojave Desert. A former ecologist and outdoor educator, turned travel junkie, he spends his last pennies on last-minute flights, and his spare time camping and swimming with his dogs or planning the next big trip. Current Hobbies include; ceramic arts, bicycle touring, and home brewing.
Hannah Johnson
Resident Summer Staff
Lily Johnson
Resident Summer Staff
Lily Johnson has been coming to Camp Stevens since her father was the chef in 1999. She's since been a camper, a counselor and now on summer staff! She couldn't be happier to be back at her favorite place for the whole summer!
Brad Kodak
Climbing Wall Specialist
Brad believes that being a part of nature teaches the importance of letting life flow. Whether teaching outdoor education, facilitating outdoor recreation or on a backpacking trip, Brad is focused on gifting experiences to those who are with him. Brad's enjoyment comes from creating small goals for himself and others to piece together the big picture of success and empowerment.
Angie Morgan
Resident Summer Staff
Angie is from the U.K. and is excited for her first summer in California. She is here from the Camp America program and feels that Camp Stevens was the perfect choice for her due to it's ethos of inclusiveness, community, and spirituality.
Max Oestreicher
Resident Summer Staff
Max is a musician and Peace and Justice major in Denver, Colorado. He has been working at Camp Stevens for four summers. Max loves nature, music, and tacos.
Rachael Palmer
Wilderness Trip Leader
Rachael has been living at Camp Stevens since 2015 as a part of the winter staff. This summer she's turning her hobby into her work and is excited to be one of the wilderness trip leaders! If you can't find her around camp, she can be found playing on rocks in the desert, swimming in bodies of water, or walking in the mountains.
Clare Sandke
Resident Summer Staff
Born and raised in Coronado,CA, Clare enjoys playing ukulele, scuba diving, and playing basketball. Clare loves to spend time outdoors especially at Camp Stevens where she was a camper and a counselor. She is excited to be summer staff for her third year.
Isaac Simons-Araya
Resident Summer Staff
Isaac is about to spend a fourth summer working at Camp Stevens - and is very excited about it! Isaac loves to apply the same creativity and dedication that is required for their theater major to the caring community and spontaneous excitement at Camp Stevens. You can find Isaac lounging by the lawn, leading a hike, or scrubbing all the camp mugs!
Emily Strand
Resident Summer Staff
Emily's the name, Chaco tan's the game. Emily can be found hiking, climbing trees, or pretty much anywhere there's sun. She is excited to be returning to Camp Stevens for her fifth summer after a year of facing the bitter cold in Massachusetts. She's looking forward to a summer full of friendship bracelets, s'mores, and fun!
Eve Warner
Resident Summer Staff
Eve has been coming back to Camp Stevens since moving to California from England at the age of eight, and has been a counselor since 2013. She has traveled from Bath (UK), where she now lives and attends university, to work this summer as staff. Along with enjoying hiking and nature, Eve is part of a Brazilian drumming band, publishes her own e-zine and makes wire sculptures. She is excited to work up in the beautiful Californian mountains once again, and looks forward to experiencing and showing others the glorious and beautiful sights and trails.