Our Staff

Our staff is a dynamic collection of people from around the globe, living and learning to do our part to make the world a better place. Through the guidance of our mission we aspire to be thoughtful stewards of the camp and warmly welcome all the people we serve. We invite you to get to know our community.

Otto Allen
Maintenance Assistant
Otto has been coming to Camp Stevens for as long as he can remember. First as a camper, then a counselor, eventually becoming summer staff. This year Otto is super excited to work year round at camp! You most likely can find Otto in one of two sure-fire places: in his jeep or near the local coffee hole.
Ian "Gator" Barreto
Winter Staff
Gator is a long time lover of all things camp hailing from the swamps of Florida. After years of working at his home camp, he decided to branch out and found himself driving across the country. This is Gator's first year at Camp Stevens, but he is already in love with this place. In his free time, Gator enjoys kayaking, camping trips, and playing board games. You are likely to find him in the dining hall imbibing several cups of delicious coffee or in the tree house watching and conversing with the pigs.
Beth Bojarski
Executive Director
A northeast transplant to California, Beth's formative summer camp experiences were spent in the wilds of the Adirondacks paddling and backpacking. Beth is passionate about teaching and promoting outdoor education, sustainability, and environmental theology and has experience at outdoor centers, academic institutions, and within the Episcopal Church. Mitch, Beth’s husband, is an Episcopal priest. A knitter, jogger, avid coffee drinker, and lover of sequoia trees, these days Beth’s most favorite thing is adventuring with her boys: Eliot (8) and James (2).
Sophia Beltran
Winter Staff
Born and raised in Imperial Beach, Sophia has found adventure at Camp Stevens previously as a counselor and summer staff member. She spent summers of her formative years in beautiful northern Michigan, where she romped through forests and canoed on rivers and lakes. Around camp she can be found stargazing, climbing trees, frequenting the coffee machine, and hiking at sunset. She also really enjoys yoga, reading, relaxing on the beach, and tacos. She is excited to be on winter staff for the first time and is looking forward to sharing her passion for nature with others as well as to building lasting relationships.
Lia Hardy
Farm & Garden Manager
Lia "Curly-Bear" Hardy is a tried and true mountain gal. Here at Camp Stevens, she plays with dirt (especially in her fingers and toes), and makes the greens grow from the earth. In her spare time, she can be found jetpacking her way through the PCT, working out through the new sensation of "sleeping yoga", or enjoying a nice cup of peppermint tea.
Joe Kiefer
Program Director
Joe came to Camp Stevens in 2011 on a whim and has had the privilege to see so many different elements of the Camp Stevens experience throughout the years. Joe serves as the Camp Stevens program director, which means you may find him in the office, leading a ropes course program, or thinking about summer camp in December. When he’s not working (which can be difficult considering that his house is 100 yards from the office), Joe is an enjoyer of rock climbing, long distance running, campfire stories, legos, and being over-prepared.
Brad Kodak
Winter Staff
If I were a tree I'd be a redwood soaring into the sky, soaking in the mist that quenches my thirst. My name is Brad and this relates to me because even the simplest things in life mean the most. I'm a pursuer of endeavors. I have a goal to keep expanding my knowledge of nature to teach others the importance of being able to seek peace and calming from it.
Jessica Lellie
Kitchen Assistant
Jessica has joined us from North Carolina to spend her time playing in our kitchen. In addition to cooking and generally being silly, she enjoys working on art projects and taking day adventures to pretty much anywhere.
Daniel Owen
Winter Staff
Daniel finds joy and wonder every day at Camp Stevens. From his first stint here as an AmeriCorps member in 2015, he knew there was something neat about camp - so he became a Winter Staff Member. After a summer as Marketing Intern, Daniel is stoked to help around camp! Aside from loving his job, he enjoys early morning jogs, the art of bonsai, watching Parks & Rec, discussing politics, and eating chicken caesar salad.
Tonie Quigley
Retreat Center Manager
Tonie comes to Camp Stevens from the far north of the state as a native Californian. Having lived in Sonoma County for over 30 years years, and intrigued with the high desert area, Camp Stevens offered her the opportunity to work and live in just that climate. With almost ten years in the camping industry, and many more in the financial arena her experience and skill set were just what was needed in the role of Guest Retreat Manager. Her desire to serve guests from start to finish, and to assure that they have an unforgettable experience at camp settles well with the mission of Camp Stevens. In her spare time, Tonie likes to spend time exploring the new area that she is living in with her dog Shadow, running trails, practicing yoga, swimming, reading, sewing, and gardening.
Ian Schimmelfennig
Farm & Garden Director
Most people should probably do restaurant work at some point in life. Stewardship is a cornerstone of human experience. Wherever you find it, sleep well. Take care of your back . We're eventually going to realize our kinship to other members of the biotic-community, presumably. Above all, religious tolerance. There was a time when I turned to my mother. There were butterflies.
Sierra Schneider-Williams
Administration Director
Sierra came to Camp Stevens in the late nineties as Winter Staff, and has worked in camping ever since. In 2016 she returned to Camp Stevens as Administration Director after living in the Bay Area for over a decade running outdoor education and residential science programs in the Santa Cruz area and at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her hobbies include art and the outdoors, in many different forms, and her goal since returning to Camp Stevens has been to start a journal and reconnect with this land.
Emma Simons-Araya
Summer Support Coordinator
Emma is a Los Angeles native who has flocked to Camp Stevens after 10 years of attending summer camp as a camper, counselor, staff, and support coordinator. She is dedicated to challenging herself and sharing/discovering beautiful experiences with others. You can catch her creating art (music and theater) on and off stage, meditating under the stars at night, and eating hot Cheetos in the office.
Laban Wenger
Facilities & Maintenance Director
I, Laban, write bios in first person. I work maintenance here and have been on staff since 2013. Working here started off rad and has slowly grown into something significant. The dynamism of my work and our community gives so much life. I’m really into making and drinking coffee, but I bet everyone has that in their bio. Mountain biking this beautiful county and playing music take up the rest of my time.
Laurie Wesp
Food Service Director
Laurie found her passion for cooking in the Camp Stevens Kitchen many years ago, and has also had stints in Washington state and Lake Tahoe. She especially loves baking and using produce from our garden. Outside of the kitchen, Laurie enjoys running, reading, doing yoga, and hiking with her husband Keith. Keith went through Counselor Training at Camp Stevens, and spent a few years working on staff. He is excited to be part of this community again, and you might find him tossing a disc golf frisbee around the property. Laurie and Keith recently got married at Camp Stevens.
Sidney Willson Young
Winter Staff
Sidney grew up in a Southern California beach town and first came to Camp Stevens with the Girls Friendly Society in the second grade. Since then she has served among the ranks of counselors and resident staffers and has returned this season after a many year hiatus. A singer-songwriter, music teacher, and student of vibrational and plant medicine, Sid's interests include being in nature, organic food preparation and farming, music and movement, Anglican hymn and chant, family and friends, and being part of the intentional community that is Camp Stevens. She is looking forward to meeting you!