Our Staff

Our staff is a dynamic collection of people from around the globe, living and learning to do our part to make the world a better place. Through the guidance of our mission we aspire to be thoughtful stewards of the camp and warmly welcome all the people we serve. We invite you to get to know our community.

Year Round Staff


Beth Bojarski
Executive Director
A northeast transplant to California, Beth has a passion for teaching and promoting outdoor education, sustainability, and environmental theology and has experience at outdoor centers, academic institutions, and within the Episcopal Church. Mitch, Beth’s husband, is an Episcopal priest. A knitter, canoeist, amateur gardener, and backpacker, these days Beth’s most favorite thing is adventuring with her boys: Eliot and James.
Trevor Graham-Wilcox
Program Director
Whether as a camper, counselor, Summer Camp Director or now as Associate Director, Trevor has found inspiration and joy at Camp Stevens throughout his life. Among his favorite things at camp are the songbook, quiet hikes at dusk, and seeing his nieces and nephews experience the summer camp program. Outside of work Trevor enjoys storytime with his son Jude, running marathons, traveling with his wife Ashley, listening to good music, and thinking about the next World Cup (of soccer)… preferably all at the same time.
Lia Hardy
Assistant Chef
With the early onset of winter in northwest Montana, Lia decided to migrate south. Aside from obtaining a degree in Social Work, she has explored an array of other interests including organic farming, Conservation Corps, yoga, and travel. Lia is most content with life when off the pavement–hiking a new trail or getting dirt under her fingernails in the garden. As this is Lia’s first season at Camp Stevens, she is eager to make delectable creations in the kitchen and to explore more of Southern California.
Anna Huemmer
Maintenance Specialist
Anna joined the team in early 2017.
Joe Kiefer
Program Director
Joe’s ready to start his fifth season at Camp Stevens, where you might find him directing programs, facilitating a ropes course, or dreaming big about the future of camp. If he’s not working, he’s probably riding a bicycle, rock climbing, or drinking coffee. Maybe even doing all three at once. Nothing’s impossible, right?
Lauren Mankey
Support Coordinator & Social Media Enthusiast
Though originally from New Jersey, Lauren has found her heart belongs to the West Coast and is super excited to be a part of the Camp Stevens community. She loves to travel and hopes to finish visiting all fifty states soon (current count: thirty-two). Lauren also enjoys drinking coffee, running, and identifying interesting plants; she will never say no if you ask her to go dancing or to a movie theater. For her last birthday, she received a harmonica, so watch out.
Sierra Schneider
Administration Director
Sierra found her way back to Camp Stevens this Fall 2016 after having been a winter staff in 1998-1999. Since then, she has worked in camps and outdoor education programs in several places around the country. Most recently she ran the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) at UC Santa Cruz. She is thrilled to be back at Camp Stevens, investing her energy in a place she believes in deeply. When not in the office at Camp, she enjoys contemplative walks in nature, painting, cooking and baking, and doing silly things with her mother who was brave enough to join in this adventure.
Laban Wenger
Maintenance & Facilities Director
Laban comes to Camp Stevens excited to be around some good folks. He grew up at a small summer camp in Pennsylvania, and is passionate about the excitement and safety a camp environment can offer. Sitting very still and moving around make sense to Laban, and he’s working on figuring out his relationship with all that stuff in between. His favorite thing is getting really excited, and he’s really excited by music, food, and games. If you want to toss a frisbee around, feel free to find him. In an attempt to portray himself as accurately as possible, Laban took the accompanying photo in between writing this sentence and the one preceding it.
Laurie Wesp
Food Service Director
Laurie returned to the Camp Stevens kitchen in the Fall of 2015, after spending some years at camps in Washington state and Lake Tahoe. She particularly loves baking and incorporating the bounty from the farm and garden into daily meals. In her free time, Laurie enjoys catching up with her four sisters, running, yoga, and spontaneous adventures.
Matt Young
Maintenance Assistant
Matt is a quiet fellow but he loves loud things, like rock music, the sound the a stack of dishes make when falling on the floor, and the lovely woodpecker that wakes him up every morning - not with it's pecking at the outside wall, but rather with it's screechy call. His favorite food is the inside of peanut butter cups and he enjoys rock climbing in an astronaut suit so he can pretend he's on Mars.

Resident Intern Staff


C'ant'e Morgan
Program Staff
C'ant'e (Ch-Ahn-Tay) joins us after a year of galavanting around the state with AmeriCorps in search of the ultimate service project. She find chameleons interesting because of their ability to change colors, but generally prefers animals that are more fluffy. She collects tiny ceramic unicorns and enjoys dancing barefoot in streams, rivers, or bathtubs in the absence of natural running water.
Daniel Owen
Program Staff
A coast-to-coast wanderer, Daniel recently left the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and moved out to Camp Stevens to experience Southern California's beauty. After obtaining a B.A. in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia, Daniel joined AmeriCorps and discovered the wonder of Camp Stevens on one of his projects. During his free time, Daniel loves traveling the world, hiking, playing Fantasy Football, reading Harry Potter, and watching Netflix. Come find him to discuss any of the above.
Rachael Palmer
Program Staff, Social Media, Photography
Rachael came to California from Kentucky and is so exited to be the new Marketing Intern at Camp Stevens. She had lots of little hobbies, but is most excited about getting some great photos of the sunset at Upper Meadow! You can usually find her wandering around looking for cool things (that belong to the earth) to touch and smell. She is looking forward to using her hands to serve and to be a part of this amazing community!
Jessica Lellie
Kitchen Intern
Jessica has spent her time in the kitchen creatively, mixing savory foods with sweet desserts to create crazy culinary concoctions. Her favorite animal is the dolphin, but only if it can paint with a paintbrush in its mouth. She likes to take photographs while hanging upside in trees, but only on even days. She collects napkins with funny pictures or sayings on them.