Adult Retreats

2019 Adult Retreats

Irony, Prophecy, and Satire: Finding Laughter in Troubled Times

March 8th – 10th, 2019

How do people of faith make their way through times of instability, oppression, and conflict? From the days of the Hebrew prophets through the great satirists to the standup comics of today, faithful people have not only prayed. They have spoken out, often boldly and audaciously, to name the injustice and give voice to those who would be otherwise ground under.

In this weekend workshop, Gary Hall will lead a discussion of classic and contemporary satirical pieces from the Bible, literature, and other modes. Making fun of bullies is not only fun: doing so can lead to renewal, transformation, and hope.

On Saturday night, Larry Dilg will lead us in singing. And of course there will be pie.

Gary Hall is a retired priest and teacher and a longtime friend of Camp Stevens.

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