Adult Retreats


Gary Hall Weekend

May 11-13, 2018 | $225/person

A contemplative, conversation-based adult retreat led by the Rev. Canon Gary Hall, who offers thoughtful, inspired, and provocative dialogue while also sharing his love of Camp Stevens and the surrounding Julian area. Here’s this year’s topic:

Language, Landscape, and the Idea of God

“There are three things, basically, that I write about—language, landscape, and the idea of God.” That’s former U.S. poet laureate Charles Wright, speaking in a 1992 interview. Wright is hardly unique in his preoccupations. Poets from Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman to Ted Hughes and Alice Oswald have explored the language-landscape-God connection in depth. And the emergence of contemporary nature writers Helen Macdonald and Robert Macfarlane continues this tradition of examining how we speak about the relationship of the visible natural world to the divine.

In this Friday night through Sunday afternoon retreat, Gary Hall will use brief readings from Wright, Hughes, Oswald, Macdonald, and Macfarlane to guide an exploration of the mysterious holiness at work in the landscape and how we talk about it. Larry Dilg will lead singing on Saturday night. And, as always, there will be pie.

Gary Hall has been leading retreat weekends at Camp Stevens since 1998. He is a retired parish priest, seminary and cathedral dean, and English teacher currently serving as interim rector of Trinity Church, Santa Barbara.


Volunteer Days

April 22, 2018 & June 2, 2018 | No charge

Resurrecting an old Camp Stevens tradition, we’re looking for a few good folks to join us in spring and summer property restoration and preparation. Likely to include weed whacking and fire prevention, farm and garden work, and a whole host of other miscellaneous jobs, we need your help! Volunteer application and background check required. Contact for more information.

Alumni Weekend

December 14-16, 2018 | Rates vary

Our first Camp Stevens family camp program for alumni! Were you a staff, counselor, or camper at Camp Stevens back in the day? Bring your family and share your love of the land and program with those you love while reminiscing with friends old and new. Program will include traditional camp activities, incredible meals, hikes to Upper Meadow, and Community Gathering.

Rates (include all meals and activities):

  • Blum Lodge Room (sleeps 6 with shared, hallway bathroom): $820
  • Wolterstorff Lodge Room (sleeps 6 with shared, hallway bathroom): $840
  • Bergstrom Lodge Room
    • (sleeps 3 with private, in-room bathroom): $765
    • (sleeps 4 with private, in-room bathroom): $860
  • Lax-Sadler Lodge Room (sleeps 5-6 with private, in-room bathroom): $860
  • Per Person (Dormitory-style): $195 (13 and over), $150 (ages 3-12)


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