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S'mores!“Thank you for all your efforts in teaching kids good values, self-esteems, faith and appreciation for life.” – Parent

“Camp Stevens is a safe and fun place for children. Our children’s appreciation for nature has grown and they always have an awesome time at camp. My 15 year-old now wants to become a counselor!” – Parent

“Camp Stevens gives me the opportunity to have a lot of different adventures, and to meet new friends. I love the overnights when we didn’t stay in our cabin. The tree house is awesome!” – Camper

“We love Camp Stevens. My kids start talking about going back the next summer the minute they leave. It has had a great impact on their development, making friends, spirituality and appreciation for nature. Thank you all for making it such a wonderful experience for my kids.” – Parent

“Camp Stevens is a great place to learn about friendship and teamwork.” – Camper

““My son really enjoyed the staff, especially the counselors – he loved their sense of humor and how they bonded with him.” – Parent

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“I discovered a lot about myself.” – Camper

“This was the second year my son has gone to Camp Stevens; he has loved every second of it! From the friendly, caring counselors to the variety of activities, his experience couldn’t have been better. Each year he comes home a little bit more independent, wise, and environmentally conscious (we had to create our own compost heap after the first year, and now we’re working on growing our own vegetables!).” – Parent

“I had a great time and I loved making friends, and learned so much. I love Camp Stevens!” – Camper

“The counselors really made the experience; they created fun activities and were flexible with the kids.” – Parent

“Camp Stevens is my home away from home and I never want to leave.” – Camper

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“My son had a fantastic time at Camp Stevens last summer. In fact, he said he’d like to just “replay the week over and over!” Thank you for providing such a lovely setting, loving staff and exciting activities.” – Parent

“My 15 year-old has been attending since age 8. My 9 year-old camped for the first time last year. They love it and would both like to stay at Camp Stevens all summer next time!” – Parent


“Camp Stevens offers my kids a place to meet new friends; gain independence; and learn new skills that usually give them greater self-esteem. As a parent, I love that it’s very nature-oriented, there’s no electronics, and great food!” – Parent

“In the 11 years I have been sending campers, Camp Stevens staff have consistently provided an incredibly fun, meaningful experience! They learn, they run, they play, they get to know about nature, ecology, they swim – they are changed for the better!” – Parent

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“My daughter had a great time and is already making plans to return next year! I had a special situation and we had to pull her out early Friday morning, without her previous knowledge, your staff handled it very well and she felt like she wasn’t missing anything. She is still telling us stories from camp. Thanks for a great experience!” – Parent

“My nephew was a camper this year and it truly changed his life. He became more confident and gained new friends from diverse backgrounds. (I flew him in from Utah) He can hardly wait to return next year and hopes to become a counselor. Thank you Camp Stevens!” – Parent

“My daughter has absolutely enjoyed her last two summers at International Odyssey. She returns home excited and thrilled from the week-long activities and the opportunity to interact with new friends from Japan.” – Parent

Group Hike during International Odyssey

“This was my first time at the International Odyssey camp and I was a little reluctant to go at first. But when I got there, all the people were so welcoming and friendly that I knew I would like it. I have made life- long friends and am super excited to be returning again next year.” – Camper

“I love that my boys (9 & 12) enjoy Camp Stevens as much as I did when I was younger. It touches my heart to know that they too cherish the time they spend at camp. They get the chance to grow and build their own memories. Experience a spiritual community of positive action with a considerate staff. God willing, we’ll be back.” – Parent

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“I love all the food here! I had so much fun! I loved the overnights and the hiking. I am coming back!” – Camper

“My high-school-aged daughter has attended Camp Stevens since elementary school. It has been wonderful to watch her gain new friends and grow in self-confidence. She has learned so much about the natural world and loves the program (and food!). It’s a highlight of every summer!” – Parent

Counselor and group“My family has been attending Camp Stevens for several generations! The personal growth, environmental stewardship and group collaboration all combine to make Camp Stevens an outstanding experience each year!” – Parent

“Our daughter was beaming when she returned from camp. She was full of songs and stories that she couldn’t wait to share with us and with her friends here at home.” – Parent

“I made a lot of new friends, so Camp Stevens is the chance to make new friends. “ – Camper

“I had a great time and I loved making friends, and learned so much. I love Camp Stevens!” – Summer Camper

“On our last night, I started to cry because I felt so strong with everyone and I didn’t want to leave. I definitely want to come next year. “ – Wilderness Trip Camper

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“Camp Stevens has been a wonderful experience for our children. We sent them for the first time when they were ages 9 and 12. We wanted them to have the chance to experience independence in a safe and nurturing environment. They fell in love with Camp Stevens and return every year for at least two weeks. Through school they have gone to other camps, yet always come back saying it’s not the same. They have made many wonderful memories at Camp Stevens that will be a part of them for the rest of their lives. We absolutely LOVE Camp Stevens!” – Parent

Lawn Games“My son had an excellent time last summer. He is a quiet kid and didn’t know anyone when he went. Came home just raving of the experience and wants to go for 2 weeks next summer.” – Parent

It was fun and awesome because I get to do the things I have never done. “ – Camper

“Our girls had a wonderful time at Camp Stevens! They had a great time on the outings, like the hike and sleeping under the stars, as well as the community activities, like the Celebration.” – Parent

“I had a great time and everyone was super kind.” – Camper

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Group on 'The Wall'

“At any summer camp, it’s the quality of the staff that makes or breaks a child’s week. My daughter had two absolutely outstanding counselors that made her week at camp a totally fun and memorable experience. She can’t wait to go back next year.” – Parent

“I really liked how fun the counselors were.” – Camper

“She loved visiting the farm and rock climbing – both new to her this year. She always enjoys the overnights.” – Parent

“Camp Stevens is an experience that settles my child into the best version of herself! I love that when I pick her up she is dirty, tired, and…..deeply happy!” – Parent

“I loved it! Keep up the good work! The nurse is so sweet. I loved Odyssey! Thanks for a great session.” – Camper

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Teen Backpacking in the John Muir Wilderness“On our last night, I started to cry because I felt so strong with everyone and I didn’t want to leave. I definitely want to come next year. “ – Wilderness Trip Camper

“My kids love Camp Stevens and look forward to going every summer……their Rock Climbing trip was a high point in my kids’ summer experiences.” – Wilderness Trip Parent

“The rafting trip was an amaazing experience!” – Wilderness Trip Camper

“It was the funnest time I ever had. I would like to go again. “ – Wilderness Trip Camper

“My child had an extremely positive experience overall. She came home ‘glowing’. The activities were engaging and fun, but I believe the group experience was really the highlight. You people did an outstanding job!” – Wilderness Trip Parent

“You folks have done a superb job of creating a fun learning experience in a safe, supportive, nurturing environment. It is no exaggeration to say that the opportunity that Camp Stevens has provided for my child will be a lasting benefit to her.” – Wilderness Trip Parent

“My daughter overcame fear and loneliness. She also gained confidence in her new skills to control a raft with a team of people she had never met before.” – Wilderness Trip Parent

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