Videos of Summer Adventure

Summer camp is an enriching, empowering experience for children from all backgrounds, one that has been shown to help kids develop self-confidence, make new friends, become more adventurous and realize spiritual growth.

But what does it look like for the campers?

These videos gives you a glimpse into the magic of a week of summer camp: Imagine shooting archery, swimming, eating pancakes, rolling down a hill, picking fresh corn, watching a sunset, climbing a tree house, making friendship bracelets, singing campfire songs and sleeping out under the stars…all in one day. It’s possible during Camp Stevens summer camp — where imagination, friendship and fun rule!

“Summer Adventure @ Camp Stevens” (10 minutes)

“Adventure Is…This Crazy Moment” (2 minutes)

“Adventure Is…Taking that Plunge” (2 minutes)

All videos were filmed and produced by Garrett Phelps and New Root Growth Films, with music by Ian Schimmelfennig and Dominic Ojeda.

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