Our Mission and Identity

Our Mission

Camp Stevens is a 256-acre summer camp, outdoor education facility, and retreat center in the mountains of San Diego. We aim to inspire, challenge, and empower personal, social, and environmental transformation. Rooted in the Episcopal Church and our natural world, Camp Stevens’s core values are:

  • Openness: We celebrate diversity and welcome all to our table to listen to and learn from one another.
  • Gratitude: We believe that gratitude toward one another, the natural world, and God is the foundation upon which humans build a healthier, more sustainable, and loving world.
  • Connection: We challenge all who experience this peaceful place apart to reconnect with themselves and connect meaningfully with one another, the natural world, and the Divine.
  • Wonder: We believe that a sense of wonder transforms adults and children alike, renewing joy, excitement, and mystery in the world we live in.


Rooted in the Episcopal Church

episcopalstatueCamp Stevens serves the Episcopal Dioceses of Los Angeles and San Diego, where all are welcome. We provide program that is inclusive and community-focused, aiming to encourage individual growth.

Retreat attendees, campers, guests, and staff have opportunities to discover:
A loving, accepting and compassionate community;
Respect and responsibility for self, others and God’s creation;
Personal expression and creativity; and
A deeper sense of spirituality.

Facilities for retreats and conferences are available to religious and other non-profit groups; Camp Stevens does not serve for-profit companies or corporations. Rules for employment, acceptance and participation in our programs are the same for everyone without regard to national origin, creed, color, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, or handicap, providing that program requirements are met.


Episcopal Identity at Summer Camp

Camp Stevens, and the wider Episcopal church, aims to provide a welcoming, inclusive and loving community to all. Every camper and staff member is expected to be open-minded and understanding of one another’s beliefs, and no camper or staff member is obligated to participate in any prayer, song or service that they aren’t comfortable with.

With a focus on outdoor experiences and a chaplain at each session who provides a closing thought or prayer nightly at Community Gathering, Camp Stevens offers:

  • A decentralized camp experience, where each camper belongs to an Adventure Group – their family for the week – giving them a supportive group of friends to share the camp experience with.
  • Grace before each meal to give thanks for what we’ve received and experienced, provide an introspective space, and create community with one another, God and the food we are eating.
  • An end-of-week Eucharist as a celebration of our week. This is time to celebrate and participate in Thanksgiving for the week the community has spent together.