The Camp Stevens mission is to inspire, challenge, and empower personal, social, and environmental transformation.

Rooted in the Episcopal Church and our natural world, Camp Stevens’s core values are:

    • Openness: We celebrate diversity and welcome all to our table to listen to and learn from one another.
    • Gratitude: We believe that gratitude toward one another, the natural world, and God is the foundation upon which humans build a healthier, more sustainable, and loving world.
    • Connection: We challenge all who experience this peaceful place apart to reconnect with themselves and connect meaningfully with one another, the natural world, and the Divine.
    • Wonder: We believe that a sense of wonder transforms adults and children alike, renewing joy, excitement, and mystery in the world we live in.

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Supported and propelled by the mission and magic of this place, the Camp Stevens staff lead programs, wash dishes, plant seeds, raise money, repair waterlines, plan retreats, and everything in between. (Want to join them? Check out our job openings.)

Kevin Burmeister
Maintenance Director

Kevin (he/him) spent most of his life in Tennessee until a volunteering opportunity led him, his wife, Rhi (She/Her), and their two boys, Bo and Jack to California and eventually to Camp Stevens in April 2021. As the Maintenance Director, he can be seen around camping fixing whatever needs it with the powers of trial, error and YouTube. His passions include songwriting, coffee, and (despite having taught Freshman writing courses for over five years) he remains an enthusiastic reader.


Miguel Camargo
Resident Staff

Born and raised in Brazil, Miguel (any pronouns) can't wait to meet all guests and lead them on hikes all around camp. A huge fan of sunsets, Miguel grew up around the Amazonia Forest and fell in love with all the landscapes around Camp Stevens. For their second year as a Staff Miguel wants to share all the nature knowledge they learn and also providing the funniest memories for all campers. On their free time off they love watching comedy movies, listen to podcasts and cooking.

Gabby Coburn
Associate Executive Director

Gabby (she/her) was born and raised in San Diego and has a passion for kids, community, and the outdoors. She joined Stevens in 2018 as the Program Director after spending 15 years in the camp industry in a variety of roles. Her spouse Jaimie also lives at camp and spends their days hanging out with camp kiddos and exploring trails on and around Camp Stevens. Gabby exists in a constant state of curiosity, so don't hesitate to share the weirdest or most wonderful thing that happened at camp today; she's excited to hear all about it.


Emkat Earls
Farm & Garden Specialist

Hi everyone, I’m Emkat (any pronouns). At work you can find me all over camp tending to our gardens and farm animals. On my own time I love to forage from our wild plants, explore flavors cooking vegan meals and brewing my own kombucha, and knit lots of socks! If you see me, tell me about your take on ghosts. 

Freddie Gutierrez
Support Coordinator

New to SoCal life, Freddie (he/him/they) is excited to be a part of a new culture and community. Freddie likes to embrace his love for wildlife and remains on the look out for new hobbies and ideas to quench their curiosity. If you have anything you are enthusiastic about from food to philosophy, they are always eager to lend a listening ear.

Hans Hodges
Hospitality Coordinator

Hans (he/him) is from the rural Mojave desert, but has been living and working at Camp Stevens since 2022. Hans loves writing, people, and astrology. He is in awe of the world around him and is always up for a nice chat! 

Talia Isaacson
Resident Staff

Talia (she/they) is so excited for her first resident staff season at Camp Stevens! She's from San Diego originally and is so glad to be back in the region after many years away. Most recently, she was living in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she was working on an MFA in Creative Writing and teaching poetry to undergraduates. Before that, she spent time across Colorado, Vermont, and Arkansas, working on a variety of farms and learning about real winter. Feel free to approach her with any random facts about writing, farming, or knitting — she'd love to chat! 

Lindsay Lemaster
Kitchen Assistant

Lindsay (she/her) joins from Louisville, Kentucky with her husbutch Magz and three dogs (Zoey, Little Jean, and Chicken). Lindsay loves singing, sending/collecting postcards, and learning fun facts! Did you know that a group of Platypus is called a paddle?! 

Magz Lemaster
Maintenance Tech

Magz (they/them) moved here in January 2023 from Louisville, Kentucky with their wife, Lindsay, and three furbabies. This is their second stint of employment at Camp, after 15 years of managing bars, restaurants, warehouses and being a nurse tech on the front lines during COVID. They are known for their Southern tall tales, love for children, and heart of gold. You can find them tinkering around camp on and off the clock and ready to help anybody out with Southern charm and a smile.

Bob Oslie
Maintenance Volunteer

"Chainsaw" Bob (he/him) is a 2nd generation southern Californian. He worked for 30 years for the Department of Defence. His last job before coming to Camp Steven's was for 18 years as the Facilities Manager at St. Paul's Cathedral. He now reduces fuel load on the hills by dropping dead trees and brush reduction. Widowed, he walks in quiet solitude gathering grace with every step he takes.

Brendan Peralez
Resident Staff

Brendan (he/him) has always had an intense curiosity for nature, and is excited to share this curiosity with campers in another season of Outdoor Education. He loves when hikes become adventures, seeking out new birds to add to his life list, and talking trivia. Need a plant or animal identified? Go talk to Brendan, he's your guy! 

Gaby Rivera
Resident Staff

Gaby (she/her) grew up in Puerto Rico where she spent her free time going to the beach and exploring the mountains and waterfalls. She graduated from Cal Poly Humboldt with a degree in Wildlife Management and has worked as a park ranger, in wildlife rehabilitation, and as a camp counselor. She's an avid birder and enjoys crocheting in her free time. 

Ariel Robinson
Program Manager: Outdoor Education

Hi folks, Ariel (she/her) is here to tell you that she likes birding, photography (film and DSLR), playing video games, and playing her Cajon. She was born and raised in Michigan and loves to talk about it, but she has been in California since 2013. She has recently started mountain biking around San Diego County and can’t get enough of it! Ariel has called Camp Stevens home since March 2020 and if you know a lot about rocks, find Ariel and tell her! She likes to learn from people. See you then.


Sam Robinsted
Hospitality Director

Born and raised in San Diego, Sam (she/her) is excited to be a part of the Camp Stevens' team. She loves getting to know people and can't wait to hang out with you during your stay. She also enjoys birding, video games, and eating bean and cheese burritos from any hole-in-the-wall taco shop.


Janel Susko Alexander
Kitchen Manager
Janel (she/her) blazed her way into this world with a heart bursting with love for all people, dancing and especially food! Her world travels inspire an expansive palate.  From fine dining, casual to cafeteria, count yourself lucky to be at Janel’s generous table where you’ll find your soul as full as the breadbasket was before dinner.  As her little sis, I leave you with one final truth: The only thing bigger  than Janel’s heart is her love of Doritos. True story.
Elena Turner
Program Manager: Summer Camp

Elena (they/them) first came to Camp Stevens as a camper in 2009, and has returned nearly every summer since. They love analog watches and smelling the morning air with a hot cuppa in hand. 


Kathy Wilder
Executive Director

Kathy (she/her), her wife Hannah, son Owen and dog Sadie love spending time on the water kayaking, reading in coffee shops and playing guitar by the fire. Kathy is a lifelong camp and youth development professional who has dedicated her life to advocating for justice and compassion.



  • The Episcopal Dioceses of Los Angeles & San Diego: Camp Stevens, at its current location, was founded in 1952 by two priests living in the San Diego area of the then Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. Still owned by the Los Angeles diocese, Camp Stevens is now geographically in the Diocese of San Diego (which extends to Yuma, Arizona) and serves both dioceses and the entire region of Southern California and beyond. The Diocese of San Diego was created separately from Los Angeles in 1974. The Bishop Diocesan of Los Angeles is directly responsible for the camp and the Advisory Board by-laws require seats for clergy and laity of both Dioceses, as well as for those outside the church.
  • Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers: Camp Stevens is a member of the nationwide network of 100+ summer camps, retreat centers, and conference centers affiliated with the Episcopal Church.
  • American Camp Association: Camp Stevens is accredited by the American Camp Association, which assures our programs, facilities, and policies meet a national standard for quality, health, and safety.
  • Volcan Mountain Foundation: From many spots at Camp Stevens, you can see Volcan Mountain, a 5,000 foot mountain that is one of the last privately-owned and relatively untouched areas of Southern California. Campers and guests have the chance to hike this beautiful piece of land, which offers views extending over the Anza-Borrego Desert and out to the Pacific Ocean sixty miles away.
  • Sage Mountain Farm is partnering with Camp Stevens to bring CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes to Camp Stevens for you to pick up.

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